Yemen’s National Reconciliation Movement concludes its first preparatory conference

Under the slogan “Our common grounds,” the National Reconciliation Movement concluded its two-day preparatory conference yesterday, which was attended by members of the movement including political leaders, and intellectuals and scientific elites, from inside and outside Yemen. 

Participants in the conference eagerly contributed their ideas and insights to the larger framework of the movement aiming at achieving just and sustainable peace by ending the conflict and working towards building the modern Yemeni civil state.

Various working papers were presented in the conference starting with an introductory to the movement and its goals and principles, as well as political and media contexts, presenting solutions and measures conducive to bridging the rift between all parties and ending the war. The experts also presented on reforming and rehabilitation of the state’s institutions such as the military and security, civil service, central bank and monetary institutions. Topics relating to transitional justice and national reconciliation were discussed as well as development priorities in terms of education, development, and recovery.

These papers were enriched with constructive discussion and the interventions of a large number of members of the movement from political, diplomatic and academic personalities and experts in various disciplines. 

It is worth noting that the National Reconciliation Movement aims at ending the war through presenting a Yemeni-led alternative to all the conflict parties based on national consensus and the best interest of the community as a whole. To achieve this, the NRM relies in its policy on the principle of unification and non-exclusion and achieving a delicate balance of the various trends between the various Yemeni forces, with the aim of ensuring that Yemen is pulled out of its historical predicament by presenting a national peace initiative that enjoys consensus and regional and international support. 

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Yemen’s National Reconciliation Movement to launch First Preparatory Conference

The newly established National Reconciliation Movement (NRM) of Yemen launches its first preparatory meeting in a two-day conference between 9th and 10th January 2021, presenting its core team of distinguished Yemeni men and women from all fields and expertise, who have come together to contribute to promoting peace and building a new Yemen.

The topics discussed at the conference introduce elements of NRM’s peace project designed by its leadership and aiming at ending the war and achieving national reconciliation and transitional justice, leading towards finally achieving sustainable peace and stability.

During the conference, the movement’s objectives, principles, goals and strategic framework will be presented. A number of experts from within the movement will present papers in politics, media, the economy, development, transitional justice, state building and international relations among other topics.

With this conference, Yemen’s NRM aims to launch a Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue focusing on the ways forward, recommending practical steps towards achieving national reconciliation and a prosperous country with the support of countries in the region and the international community.