First training on human rights for NRM members concluded

Geneva, 20 November 2022: The NRM’s human rights and humanitarian track organized the first human rights training course for 18 members of the movement from various tracks, under the supervision of the trainer and human rights advisor, Hani Al-Aswadi, head of the “Haqqi Center for the Support of Rights and Freedoms” in Geneva, and member of the human rights track in NRM. Dr. Nabila Al-Hakimi, head of the human rights and humanitarian track coordinated the event.

The two-day course aimed to train NRM’s members in international human rights law, the mechanisms by which the Human Rights Council in Geneva works, its various tasks, how civil societies can participate in the Council’s sessions, and the special procedures for the protection of human rights.

This training comes as part of the training program for NRM’s tracks for this year, which seeks to raise the awareness of NRM’s members in various topics and disciplines that make up its nine tracks.

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