NRM urges all Yemeni entities to head the call to peace

18 March 2022 – To all Yemeni parties, entities and authorities. We address this appeal to you to draw your attention to the tragedy of our country and the plight of our people, a plight that they did not choose but found themselves a victim of, and the inflation and collapse of the currency left behind, along with the killing and destruction of infrastructure, and the collapse of services.

Today, we have become certain that the decision to end the war requires a brave initiative from you and from our brothers and friends.

In this context, the National Reconciliation Movement welcomes the initiative of the brothers in the Gulf Cooperation Council, which considers the peace and welfare of the Yemeni people an integral part of the security and welfare of the region, calling on all parties aiming to end the conflict that has been going on in our country for a period that exceeded seven years and left a humanitarian crisis and economic collapse Political fragmentation and social fragmentation are unprecedented and threaten the worst if we do not seek today, sooner than later, to stop this war and start building peace and achieving stability and development that Yemen needs to recover at all political, economic, humanitarian, security and social levels.

This generous invitation coincides with the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, with its sentimental implications for upholding the values ​​of love, peace, cooperation and solidarity. On this occasion dear to the heart of every Muslim, the National Reconciliation Movement calls on all Yemenis without exception to meet this call and rally around it because it is almost the last opportunity before the country sinks more and more into the abyss from which it will not be possible to get out.

Accepting this invitation is evidence of the responsibility before the Yemeni people and the seriousness in their quest to end the war and conflict, the exacerbation of the humanitarian crisis, and all the catastrophic repercussions of the armed conflict. Whoever turns to dialogue and peace simply declares that he is a party not benefiting from the conflict and puts the people’s interest above narrow personal and factional interests in solidarity with male and female citizens, and history will record these positions for the future and future generations.

The importance of this call from our brothers in the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf also comes in the most sensitive international times since the Second World War and in the exacerbation of the conflict in Ukraine, which includes the reluctance of the international community from the hotbeds of conflict around the world and its focus on this dangerous conflict that does not threaten Europe not only, but threatens international peace and security. This forces us urgently to turn the page on the war in a way that cannot be postponed, because Yemen and the Arab Gulf states are part of the international system, and whether we like it or not, we will find ourselves affected by these international conflicts that will exacerbate the suffering of Yemenis.

Once again, we salute and appreciate the efforts of our brothers in the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf for this invitation and their continuous support for our country. We also appreciate the Yemeni components and all the leaders, women and men, who responded positively and with sincere and sincere intentions to accept this invitation. We call on those who are still hesitant to be positive and not hesitate to accept the hand of peace. Extended out of the dark tunnel of war to the prospects of peace promising and promising stability for Yemen and our regional neighbours and the world.

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