Yemeni thinker Omar Abdel Aziz: Equal participation and citizenship is the only political identity that achieves the aspirations of the Yemeni people.

Sharjah: In an intellectual and political symposium entitled “The Path to Peace in Yemen,” the cultural and media track, with the cooperation of the state building track, in NRM hosted the well-known Yemeni writer and thinker, Dr. Omar Abdel Aziz.

In the symposium, which was moderated by Dr. Fares Albeel from the cultural and media track, and attended by a large number of NRM’s members, Dr. Abdel Aziz stated that the attempt to impose a one-dimensional identity based on ethnicity, sectarianism, tribalism or regionalism in Yemen is doomed to failure and that it will only be a transient phenomenon or a historical dissonance that is doomed to disappear, and survival will always remain for the unifying national identity based on pluralism and equal citizenship.

Dr, Omer added, “The National Dialogue Conference was the last point where the Yemeni political mind tried to introduce a new vision for the future of the state, away from the notion of prevailing with violence”.

With regards to the southern issue, he made it clear that “the issue was a product of previous political mistakes, and Yemenis are capable, if there is a real will and conscious leadership, to solve this problem and other problems, on the basis of diversity, participation and equal citizenship in any appropriate federal, geographical or administrative form”.

Dr. Omar Abdel Aziz is considered to be one of the most important contemporary thinkers in Yemen. He resides in Sharjah and works as the head of the Research Unit at the Department of Culture in Sharjah.

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