NRM-Egypt meet Egyptian National Progressive Unionist Party

August 9, 2022: The NRM’s branch in Egypt (NRM-Egypt) held in Cairo a joint meeting with Dr. Atef Maghawry (Vice President of the National Progressive Unionist Party and member of the Egyptian Parliament) and Representatives of the Civil Alliance for Peace and National Reconciliation in Yemen (CAPNR).

In the meeting, which comes as part of a series of consultations held by NRM to discuss the latest developments in Yemen, several issues were discussed, especially those related to the Truce and the opportunities for sustainable peace and stability.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Nabila Al-Hakimi, head of the human rights track, Judge Dr. Yahya Al-Mawry, head of the newly established NRM-Egypt, and Dr. Ahmed Al-Sabari, member of NRM-Egypt, and from (CAPNR) Prof. Hamoud Al-Awdi and Mr. Anwar Khaled.

Dr. Maghawry expressed his support for NRM’s efforts to stop the war and reach a just and comprehensive peace in Yemen. NRM’s representatives expressed their high appreciation and thanks for the continuous position of Egypt in support of the Yemeni people and praised its continuous and effective historical role in receiving Yemenis and overcoming all the difficulties they might face while staying in Egypt.

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