NRM concludes its Participation in the Yemeni International Forum in The Hague

15 June 2023: NRM recently participated in the Yemeni International Forum in The Hague, which took place from June 12-15, 2023. During the forum, NRM presented its vision for a possible solution to the Yemeni crisis, which includes three main pillars:

  1. Political: NRM believes that a Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue is essential to achieving peace. The dialogue should be inclusive and should guarantee the participation of women, youth, minorities, and civil society activists.
  2. Economic: NRM believes that economic recovery is essential to long-term peace in Yemen, and proposes strengthening the flexibility of the economy and early economic recovery, with a focus on the banking sector and the reactivation of the main economic sectors.
  3. Justice and reconciliation: NRM believes that justice and reconciliation are essential to building a lasting peace in Yemen. It proposes building a peace that will address the injustices suffered by victims, respect human rights, and promote equal citizenship and social solidarity.

In addition, NRM’s representatives also held several meetings with Yemeni political leaders, political forces, and active organizations in the international community. During these meetings, they reported on NRM’s activities and its continued initiatives to bring all political forces together in order to push them towards a political process that will lead to a comprehensive, fair, and sustainable peace.

NRM’s representatives participated in these meetings included: Ahmed Al-Khameri, Afrah alzouba, Khalid Abdulwahid Noman, Rafat Al-Akhali, Shadi Bassura, Fares Al-Himyari, Faisal Amin Aboras, and Noha Al-junaid. The Yemen International Forum was held for four days and was organized by the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies supported by the Netherlands, the European Union, Norway and Open Society Foundations.

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