Launching cooperation with Generations For Peace

8 June 2023: Two NRM leaders met with Mark Clark MBE, the CEO of Generations for Peace (GFP) – an international organization based in Amman that works to build sustainable peace and conflict resolution at the grassroots level and empowers young leaders to promote a culture of forgiveness in their societies.

In the meeting, which was attended also by Lina Mamoni (the Coordinator of Tamadon Foundation), a number of areas of cooperation between NRM and GFP were discussed, including the upcoming consultation meeting of peace initiatives in Yemen held in Amman in the middle of July, under the supervision of NRM’s Internal Communications Team.

Dr Hamdan Dammag (head of NRM’s cultural and media track) and Dr Mahmood Alazani (head of NRM’s state building track) represented NRM in the meeting.

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