Al-Qirbi: No Solution But Through Internal Dialogue and Reducing External Dependency

14 May 2023: NRM’s political track organized a fruitful discussion session on exploring every avenue for a national and comprehensive political solution in Yemen with Dr. Abu Bakr al-Qirbi, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Assistant Secretary General of the General People’s Congress.

During the session, Al-Qirbi stressed the importance of the NRM adopting the Yemeni national reconciliation project and playing an active role in engaging with all concerned parties, stressing the need for constructive communication and presenting approaches and visions that can contribute to a real partnership and a comprehensive political solution in Yemen leading to a stable Yemen, free of wars and conflicts.

Al-Qirbi pointed to the importance of establishing a national movement committed to the principles of the NRM, calling for dedicating more efforts and collaboration to reach all actors and promote national reconciliation among all parties.

Speaking about the developments in the Yemeni scene, Al-Qirbi expressed his hope that the concerned parties will find a way to reconciliation, stressing that a sustainable solution to the Yemeni issue can only be achieved through serious internal dialogue and reducing dependence on external parties that prioritize their interests. Al-Qirbi also said that the international community is still united towards the Yemeni issue, especially the five countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, UK, and Oman), although their interests differ at times.

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