40 Yemeni Journalists and Media Persons Trained in Peace Journalism in Cairo

Cairo, March 20, 2023: The Culture and Media Track In NRM concluded its first training course entitled “Peace Journalism”, which was held from 17-19 of March 2023, with a participation of 40 Yemeni journalists and media persons residing in Egypt, Yemen and other countries, who represented varied media platforms and different political trends.

The course, which was organized with the cooperation of Tamadon Foundation for Cultural Development, and Can Be for training and conference management, consists of a number of topics related to peace journalism, and programs of professional foundations and technical skills presented by professional international trainers with long-standing experience in the field of peace journalism.

The first day of the course included two training sessions, the first was about peace journalism and solutions journalism, and the second was in mobile journalism. On the second day, the sessions were devoted to information of social media, and online content checking and scrutinizing. On the third day of the course, topics on writing impactful human stories, and the psychological safety of journalists were presented.

A number of NRM branch in Egypt leaders attended the conclusion of the course, including two leaders of NRM, namely Dr. Hamdan Dammag (Head of the Culture and Media Track) and Dr. Mahmoud Alazani (Head of the State Building Track). The participants and organizers of this course were honored with certificates. The trainees expressed their gladness for the benefit they obtained from the course and praised the high level of its organization, and its distinction from the rest of the courses in terms of its important and qualitative content. The participants vowed to make use of what they benefited from this course in their future media and press work related to peacebuilding in Yemen.

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