Reaching a Historical National Reconciliation in Yemen is a Must 

27 March 2023: The Political Track in NRM organized a discussion event on the historical national reconciliation, hosting Judge, Dr. Yahia al-Mawri, the head NRM branch in Egypt, to elaborate on a paper he published recently.  

In the discussion conducted through Zoom, and directed by Dr. Roza Al-Khamiri, an NRM internal team communication member, Almawery spoke about the importance of reaching a national reconciliation as a way out from the current disastrous situation inflicted upon Yemenis as well as the severe risks that are threatening the Yemeni national being with division and total breakdown.

‎Almawery stressed that the national duty necessitates that all conflict parties should not waste the chance that is provided by the current international dynamics to reach a sound national reconciliation that should include all parties with no exception. Almawery spoke about the definition of national reconciliation and its goals as well as the importance of taking Yemen from the conflict and violence phase to the security, stability, and social peace phase. 

He also spoke about the national reconciliation realization conditions and requirements of which the conviction of all conflict parties that Yemen is a mutual ownership to all Yemenis on an equal footing, and that they do not represent all the Yemeni society but rather a part of it. 

“These parties should abandon the religious and historical rights claims in order to monopolize power or practice guardianship over other social groups or geographical areas”, he added.

Almawery stressed that dialogue and Yemeni unity are among the most important in-hand assurances to keep Yemen’s sovereignty, independence and the modern Yemeni state building. He further stated that the Yemeni revolutions of 26 September 1962 and 14 October 1963, along with the republican system, should be deemed as founding principles that represent entry points to an agreement about Yemen’s future. Project Action Plan

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