Women leaders called for a broad National Coalition for Peace inside and outside Yemen

May 1, 2023: As part of its continuous efforts to reach a comprehensive and sustainable peace in Yemen that meets the aspirations and rights of the Yemeni people, the National Reconciliation Movement (NRM) held a consultative meeting with several influential leading Yemeni women from various political affiliations, civil societies, international organizations as well as from its members.

In the meeting, which took place online, and moderated by Dr. Roza Al-Khamri and Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Salehi (both from the NRM’s Internal Communication Team), the importance of conducting serious and transparent inclusive dialogue, to revise the concept of peace in Yemen, has been discussed. The attendees also stressed the need to establish a broad national coalition of peace for all Yemeni peace initiatives both inside and outside Yemen, to support the peace process and enhance the role of women and youth in it, and the importance of providing the necessary support of such coalition by different parties, organizations and personalities interested in peace inside and outside Yemen.

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