Peace Prospects are Possible in Yemen Despite Fragmentation and Complexity

The political track of the National Reconciliation Movement (NRM) organized on Saturday, January 29, a virtual symposium with the senior researcher at the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies, Mr. Abdul-Ghani Al-Iryani, and Professor Ayoub Al-Hammadi, member of the Supervisory Council of the movement, on Yemen’s political events. The military escalation, challenges and overlapping internal, regional and international complexities, the multiplicity of parties to the conflict at home, and the disparity in the interests of regional and international parties were elements in the discussion.
Despite the ambiguity of the scene and the many challenges, foremost of which are the military escalations and the continuous economic and security deterioration, peace is still possible, the participants agreed. The repercussions of all these events on the humanitarian situation has to compel the Yemeni forces, elites, parties and entities, regardless of their different orientations, to rally around a project that achieves the common interests of Yemeni society with the region, because the continuation of the war not only threatens the security and stability of Yemen, but also threatens regional and international peace and security.

The attendees agreed that ending the conflict, at the very least, is not what Yemeni society aspires to, but rather a comprehensive, just and sustainable peace, which requires the necessity of civil forces rallying around a comprehensive national project that builds confidence, ends the war, defines the transitional phase, and establishes the foundations for building the state on the rules of national consensus and within a renaissance project that helps from now on. First, to mitigate the repercussions of the war and its catastrophic effects, and those who have been afflicted with despair and frustration to the spaces of hope and leave the furnace of war to the prospects of peace possible by exploding the energies of the people and directing them towards construction and development.

The attendees noted that the NRM has drawn up a comprehensive peace map (the national project) and it includes several stages and various files that take into account the common denominators of all political spectra and national forces, partners and parties, as well as the common interests of Yemen with its regional neighbors and with international actors.

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