Women’s Role In Prposing Practical Solutions for Peace in different Arenas

12 January 2023: The political track hosted Rasha Jarhum, a member of the National Consultation and Reconciliation Commission (NCRC) and head of the Peace Track Initiative. 

In the meeting attended by members from all NRM tracks, Jarhum stated that proposals have been put in place to involve women in all state institutions, explaining that the women’s component in the NCRC, in coordination with the Women’s Solidarity Network, has created a database of Yemeni women’s experiences, and participated in the preparation of a matrix of solutions and mechanisms proposed for the disputed issues in front of NCRC.

Jarhum explained that there are three committees to which the women component of NCRC contributes, namely the committee for preparing the internal regulations, the media détente committee, and the comprehensive peace vision committee.

She pointed out that NRM, NCRC and other women’s organizations must work together to coordinate and intensify the mutual peacebuilding efforts especially since NRM has a large number of qualified female leaders and members. 

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