NRM discusses potential cooperation with the German Berghof Foundation

A representative of NRMs leadership met with the Yemen team of German Berghof Foundation team on Tuesday 2nd Nov. in order to discuss ways of cooperation and present the movement’s vision of peace in Yemen.A summery of the movement’s background and roadmap for peace was presented by Dr. Nadia Al-Sakkaf, member of the supervisory council and co-founder, which was followed by NRM’s strategy towards economic and monetary reform as presented by Dr. Mohammad Zemam, founding member and lead of the economic recovery file at the movement.

Professor Mahdi al-Qadri, director of the health track, referred to the National Reconciliation Movement as a new national actor whose role is growing among the Yemeni parties in its quest to achieve an end to the war through inclusive peace building processes. Asmahan Al-Eryani, member of the state-building track in the movement, pointed out the importance of supporting the movement’s programs and operations.The Berghof Foundation team presented a snapshot of their programs in Yemen, both at the local level in some of the targeted governorates, and at the political level in managing a dialogue between the various political parties.

At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Hooria Mashhour, co-founding member of the movement and member of the Supervisory Council, thanked the attendees for their time and efforts in Yemen, hoping to continue communication and opening new avenues for cooperation regarding common interests such as community safety, economic reform, and support for the political process towards comprehensive and sustainable peace in Yemen.

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