The Supervisory Board is responsible for setting the general policy of the movement in coordination with the Presidency and the Executive Council. It is also responsible for following up and evaluating the movement’s work and facilitating the success of its goals.

Prof. Ayoub Al-Hamadi

Leading founder and member of the Supervisory Council

Ayoub Al-Hamadi is a University Professor of Neuroinformatics at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg, Germany. He is a publisher of hundreds of research papers and many scientific books, participated and judged in dozens of international scientific conferences and workshops, worked and managed dozens of industrial and research projects in partnership with prominent research and industrial institutions. More

Hooria Mashhour

Co-Founder and member of Supervisory Council

Hooria Mashhour (@Hooria _Mashhour) is a human rights defender, focused on the rights of women and children. She was appointed to be the Minister of Human Rights as part of the National Accord Government for 2012-2014. Prior to that, she was appointed as the Official Spokes for the National Council for the Peaceful Revolution in 2011. She was the head of the National Women Committee, and after 10 years of experience, she was appointed to be a member of the Truth Investigation Committee to investigate the violent events in Aden. More

Amb. Khaled H. Alyemany

Member of Supervisory Council

Ambassador Khaled H. Alyemany is a career diplomat of the Yemeni Foreign Service. He joined the united Yemen Foreign Ministery in January 1991. Alyemany moved up the diplomatic ranks from diplomatic attache to Ambassador and served in multiples foreign posts in Kuala Lumpur, Washington DC, London, and the United Nations. On Dec 2014, he was appointed the fifth Permanent Representative of the Republic of Yemen to the United Nations in NY. By the end of 2016, Ambassador Alyemany was granted a full ministerial position in the Government of Yemen. In 2018 he was appointed the eighth Foreign Minister of Yemen with the rank of Deputy Prime Minister. Mr. Alyemany presented his resignation from the government in 2019. Mr. Alyemany is a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, writer, calligrapher and painter. More

Eng. Khalid Abdulwahid Noman

Co-Founder and member of Supervisory Council

Khalid Abdul Wahid Noman: Businessman currently heading Abdul Wahid Mohammed Noman and Sons. Noman served for 35 years in the Yemeni state in the South and North in leading positions in the Oil and Minerals Authority, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Public Authority for Water and the Central Bureau of Statistics. Noman is currently the head of the Aden National Council and sits on the Council of the Elders of Aden, the Advisory Council of the Governorate of Aden, the Yemeni Economic Reform Team, and the Development Team. more

Dr. Nadia Al-Sakkaf

Co-Founder and member of Supervisory Council (on-leave)

Dr. Nadia Al-Sakkaf is considered one of the most prominent independent Yemeni feminist leaders in the fields of media, development, the democratic process and political transition in Yemen over the past fifteen years. She is deputy chair of the National Authority to Monitor the Implementation of the National Dialogue Conference Outcomes, and was the first Minister of Information in Yemen in 2014, and after she obtained a PhD in the field of political science from Britain, she is now working as a researcher in the political and developmental field, specializing in gender policies in Yemen….more