Foreign Relations Track

This track is Yemen’s National Reconciliation’s Ambassadors to the world. Although each and every member of the movement represents it, this track is responsible for the movement’s global outreach policy

Our Goals

  1. Raise the profile of Yemen and the need for peace in Yemen as an urgent priority issue for the global community on all relevant international platforms
  2. Engage the Yemeni diaspora and create national chapters for the NRM in every country and empower them to advocate for peace and prosperity in Yemen in their relevant regions
  3. Advocate for the NRM to be taken seriously as a legitimate nonpartisan representative of Yemen and an integral stakeholder in deciding the future of the country

From Yemen to the rest of the world.

Our thematic groups:

International Advocacy

This team is composed of high level persons whose expertise and reputation enables them to advocate for the movement’s goals in international platforms.

National Chapters

These are country-based focal points who represent the movement in the relevant countries and provide support to the members in those countries.

Documentation and research

This group is responsible for designing the materials, references, messages and relevant documentation in several languages based on the NRM’s priority issues.

Our activities

High level meetings with envoys to Yemen.

Championing peace in Yemen at the Geneva human rights conference.

About us

Lead by Dr. Shadi Bassurah, this track includes 18 members of the NRM. Click here to know more about us.