The directors of the nine tracks make the presidency of NRM, which is responsible for strategic planning and implementation of the action plan proposed by the Executive Council.

The presidency works to build an institutional base for the movement in Yemen, represents the movement on local, regional and international platforms and works to achieve the movement’s goals by adopting specific files and advocating for pivotal issues based on the peace road map presented by the movement.

Dr. Fadhl Al-Maghafi

Political Track

Dr. Hamdan Dammag

Media and Culture Track

Prof. Mahdi Kadiri

Health Track

    Dr. Mahmoud Alazzani

    State Building Track

    Brigade. Dr. Mohammed Alghadra

    Security Track

      Nabila Alhakimi

      Rights and Relief Track

      Dr. Nuria Alasbahi

      Education Track

      Rafat Alakhali

      Economic Track

      Dr. Shadi Basurrah

      Foreign Relations Track